FUJITSU GENERAL Group Quality Control

High Product Quality Assurance

All Fujitsu General factories have acquired ISO 9001, and have built a quality control system common around the world. High quality products are offered to all over the world based on stringent quality inspections.

Receiving inspection

Parts procurement requires a supplier's test report. European regulation RoHS inspection is also performed by special test department in-house. Total number inspection is performed especially on main parts to remove defectives.

Stringent product quality inspection

Stringent quality inspection is carried out at all production processes.

High quality is maintained by stringent checks by inspectors and repetitive inspection.

Acquisition of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Each of overseas production bases (5 companies) has completed the acquisition of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 individually.

In 2012, overseas sales bases (11 companies) acquired the certification of ISO 14001.

Advanced Research Facility and Equipment

Performance Testing

Airflow testing

Calorimeter testing

Sound testing

Reliability Testing

Severe environmental testing

Water shower testing

Transportation & Handling

Compressibility testing

Vibration testing

Testing Laboratory

Fujitsu General EMC Laboratory Limited

60m Height Difference Testing Tower

Objective is to confirm oil circulation of compressor for reliability.