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May 27, 2020
Notice of end of support for iOS 9.0 to 10.3 in FGLair™ app

Check the supported app (AIRSTAGE Mobile or FGLair) on your air conditioner.

The supported app differs by the air conditioner, and your air conditioner is not operable by using the unsupported app.

The supported app is identifiable with the SSID of the WLAN Adapter.

For details, click the link attached below.

Which of the AIRSTAGE Mobile or FGLair is operable on my WLAN Adapter?

Update your FGLair™ app.

When mobile app has been updated, a notification will be sent from Google Play or App Store.

Keep the mobile app up to date to strengthen the security, improve the function, and fix bugs.

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What's the FGLair™ app?

"FGLair™" is an application software that enables you to operate the Fujitsu General's air conditioner(s) with a mobile device from anywhere out of your home or when you are on travelling.


User friendly screen display facilitates easy operation.



If you forget to turn off your system before you left your home - no problem!



  • ON / OFF
  • Operation mode
  • Fan speed
  • Louver position
  • Set temperature control
  • Weekly timer
  • Minimum heat
    (10℃ heat)
  • ESP function
  • Error display
  • Email notification


This model can notify you via e-mail of an error message.

Error message flow


Sistem diagram


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