- Living together for our future -  Promotion of Sustainable Management

Basic policy of "Sustainable Management"

The Fujitsu General Group has formulated a new basic policy on "Sustainable Management." This policy defines our goal to realize carbon neutrality throughout the Group's entire value chain by FY2050 as well as measures such as the introduction of a "Sustainable Product" system through which we certify our products and services that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make major contributions to society.

Fujitsu General has positioned the expansion of its business through contributions to the realization of a sustainable society as a core part of its growth strategy. Fujitsu General will engage in Sustainable Management based on the three pillars of "harmonious coexistence with our planet," "social contribution," and "care for employees."

"Three Pillars : Key initiatives"

Harmonious coexistence with our planet : Contributing to global warming mitigation measures Contributing to a circulating society

Social contribution : Fostering innovation to address social issues Providing a healthy, clean, and safe society and environment

Care for employees : Strategic implementation of health and productivity management Creating flexible work styles under COVID-19 Enhancing human resource development

Change log

March 4, 2024
The contents have been updated to the latest information.
February 20, 2024
We posted our Integrated Report 2023 (English version)

Our approaches to CSR/Initiatives for value co-creation-type CSR

Our Approaches to CSR

Introducing the sustainability vision, CSR structure and CSR policy of Fujitsu General Group.

New Value Creation

Leverage innovation and technology to resolve social issues, and deliver a brighter future.

- Air conditioners

- Information and communication systems

Basic CSR initiatives

Organizational Governance

Organizational governance initiatives

- Corporate governance structure

- Risk management system

- Compliance

Human Rights

Human rights initiatives

- Human rights policy

- Human rights awareness training

Labour Practices

Labour practices initiatives

- Raise health awareness and create workplace for good life

- Develop talented personnel willing to take on new challenge

- Create workplace where employees can work flexibly with diversity

The Environment

Environment initiatives

- Environmental activities

Fair Operating Practices

Fair operating practices initiatives

- CSR procurement

- Measures for conflict minerals

- Green procurement

Consumer Issues

Consumer issues initiatives

- Customer satisfaction

- Quality Control

Community Involvement and Development

Community involvement and development initiatives

- Promotion of education for next generation

- Promotion of coexistence with local communities