FAQ: Split Systems Airflow from the indoor unit is weak or stops.

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When an air conditioner starts heating operation, the fan speed is low and the airflow from an indoor unit is weak at first. This is to allow internal components of the unit to warm up.

During heating operation, the outdoor unit stops running, and the indoor unit operates at very low fan speed when the room temperature rises above the thermostat setting. If you wish to make the room warmer, set the thermostat to a higher setting.

During heating operation, the unit may stop running for 7 to 15 minutes to allow Automatic defrosting. While Automatic defrosting is in progress, the Operation indicator lamp blinks on the indoor unit.

The fan may run at very low speed while operating in Dry mode.

While operating in Super quiet mode, the fan operates at very low speed.

While monitoring in Auto mode, the fan operates at very low speed.