WATERSTAGE™ (Air to Water) Split DHW Integrated Type Super High Power Series


High leaving water temperature Super High power series

High leaving water temperature of 60°C is kept even when outdoor temperature is down to -20°C without using backup heaters. And it’s possible to supply 55°C at -22°C outdoor temperature without backup heater.

High COP

Seasonal space heating energy efficiency (ηS)

Air to water heat pumps work with much more efficiency and save more energy than a traditional heating system.

Condition : Outdoor Temp. 7°C Heating Temp. 35°C.

2 Zone individual control

2 Zone individual control (2 under floor heating zones or under floor heating + radiator zone, etc.)

*Optional Parts are required.

Automatic heating curve control

Automatic temperature regulation in accordance with heating curve (Depends on heating terminal and outdoor temperature)