AIRSTAGE VRF Systems V-IV Series


New intelligent refrigerant control

Fujitsu General is proposing outdoor units equipped with refrigerant control function.

The refrigerant control operates with subtle control corresponding to the heat load of the room and offers a more comfortable environment. The refrigerant control can also provide increased energy savings.

* The improvements due to the control and the actual sine wave vary depending on the combination of the indoor unit and system operating conditions.

Efficiency in actual operating conditions

The use of our proprietary heat exchanger structure and high-efficiency DC twin-rotary compressors achieves the classleading coefficient of performance (COP) in every combination.

Space saving combination

Energy efficiency combination

* These specifications are determined by Cassette combination.

* Multiple outdoor units are not certified by Eurovent.

The energy-saving technology that boosted operation efficiency

Powerful large propeller fan, 3-phase DC fan motor, Sine-wave DC inverter control, 4-face heat exchanger, Subcooling heat exchanger, High-efficient, large-capacity DC twin-rotary compressor, Front intake port (Corner cut air inlet structure)

1. Powerful large propeller fan

The fan uses CFD* technology to achieve both high performance and low noise operation.

CFD: Computational Fluid Dynamics

2. 3-phase DC fan motor

The use of a DC fan motor with sophisticated driver control improves energy efficiency substantially. In addition, low noise is realized by the DC fan motor.

3. Sine-wave DC inverter control

High-efficiency is realized by the adoption of reduced switching loss IPM.

4. 4-face heat exchanger

The 4-face heat exchanger increases the effective surface area and significantly improves heat-exchanging efficiency.

5. Subcooling heat exchanger

High heat exchange efficiency is achieved by using an internal projection-shape double-pipe construction.

6. High-efficient, large-capacity DC twin-rotary compressor

Large-capacity high-efficient DC twin-rotary compressor with excellent intermediate capability.

7. Front intake port (Corner cut air inlet structure)

In multiple outdoor unit installations, the unique front intake design improves airflow into the heat exchanger.