ErP Ecodesign

Fujitsu General's Action

The new energy efficiency standard, also known as the Energy-related Products (ErP) Directive, is designed to reduce the product’s environmental impact through integrated design , by improving the energy efficiency of the product.

FUJITSU GENERAL develops products and air conditioners that meet the requirements of the European Green Deal *1 and the Ecodesign Directive (ErP) *2.

FUJITSU GENERAL's focus is on developing products with high seasonal efficiency that meet the new energy efficiency requirements*3 that have been in effect since January 2013.

By 2030, CO2 emission -55%, Renewable electricity 65%, Primary energy use -40%
Commission Regulation 206 / 2012 / EU.
New Energy Labelling Requirement 626 / 2011 / EU.

Approach to the New Energy Efficiency Standard

Fujitsu General follows the European Green Deal by 2030.

40% less

primary energy use:
Fujitsu General products with high efficiency and therefore low electricity input and low primary energy usage

55% less

CO2 emissions:
Fujitsu General products sharply follow the F-Gas regulation 517/2014/EU.


of renewable electricity:
Fujitsu General heat pumps are on their way to becoming completely carbon neutral by using more and more renewable electricity.

Energy Effciency Classifications

New Energy Labelling Requirement 626 / 2011 / EU

Our models have reached the "Class A+++" ranking, the highest energy efficiency level that is now shown on energy labels in Europe.

Creating Top-class Products with Core technology

Fujitsu General has achieved annual efficiency by adopting DC rotary compressors, All DC inverter control, efficient heat exchanger and high-density heat exchanger technology. Economical and comfortable air conditioning is realized by various energy-saving technologies such as sensor technology and economical set temperature control. In addition, we also create a comfortable environment at all times by developing original airflow control.

Greater energy efficiency

DC twin-rotary compressor

Fujitsu General promotes air sourced heat pumps as renewable energy source heating systems

High-density multi-path heat exchanger

Heat exchange performance is substantially improved by thin and high-density heat exchanger and multi-path efficiency technology.

Energy Saving Control

Human sensor catches movements of people in a room, and operates with lower capacity when people leave the room. When it detects the presence of a person again, it switches the unit back to the previous operation mode.

More Comfort

Powerful Heating

High heating capacity is realized even at low outdoor temperature by mounting a large heat exchanger or a large DC rotary compressor and developing the high performance inverter PCB.

Fujitsu General develops new class A to A+++ products from residential to commercial use.

For residences and small offices

Split Systems

Fujitsu General offers a broad lineup of products from large living rooms to bedrooms and children's rooms.

For large residences, offices, and stores

Split Systems

Fujitsu General offers a broad lineup of products from large living rooms to bedrooms and children's rooms.

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