Air to water heat pump Systems Split Type High Power Series


High leaving water temperature

-20°C outdoor temperature 60°C hot water

The temperature of leaving water can be kept at 60°C, even when the outdoor temperature falls to -20°C.

If you want to raise the temperature of the water supply to above 60°C, use a backup heater to supplement the primary heater.

High coefficient of performance (COP)

Heat pumps of Air to water heat pump Systems work more efficiently and consume less energy than conventional heating systems.

2-zone individual control

2-zone individual control of, for example, 2 underfloor heating zones or the combination of 1 underfloor heating zone and 1 radiator zone

*Optional parts required

Automatic heating curve control

Automatic temperature regulation according to a heating curve (depending on a heating terminal and outdoor temperature)

High durability

  • Anti-corrosion protection
  • No flow switch required
  • Anti-freeze protection not required

Emergency operation

If an outdoor unit fails to operate, a built-in backup heater or an external boiler is activated to supply hot water to the house uninterrupted.