Updating firmware manually

Sub user cannot set this function.

You can update the firmware of the indoor unit and the WLAN adapter manually.

Depending on the indoor unit, ”Firmware update” may not be shown.
In this case, the firmware update of the indoor unit is not available.

If a new firmware is released, “Confirm“ appears on the "Firmware information" screen.

  1. Tap (a) to check the new version.
  2. Tap (b) to start the firmware update.
    When the update is complete, the message appears.
  • During the firmware update, the air conditioner stops the operation and cannot be controlled (It takes up to 30 minutes.)
  • Once the firmware update starts, do not turn off the air conditioner and the WLAN adapter until the update is complete.
  • After the firmware update, the settings from the wireless remote controller are reset.
    Operate the air conditioner from the wireless remote controller to resend the settings.