Environment setting

You can use the following functions from the "Environment Setting" screen:

  • Switch the temperature unit (°C or °F.)
  • Check the current version of this app.
  • Check the latest Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Open source license.
  • Switch the control mode (Cloud Control or Direct Control).
  1. Tap (a) on the "Setting" screen.

  2. Select the item to check or edit.

    (b)Temperature unit

    Tap to switch the temperature unit displayed on this app (°C or °F.)

    (c)VersionIt shows the current version of AIRSTAGE Mobile.
    (d)Terms of UseTap to check the latest Terms of Use for AIRSTAGE Mobile.
    (e)Privacy PolicyTap to check the latest Privacy Policy for AIRSTAGE Mobile.
    (f)Open source licenseTap to check the open source licenses used in AIRSTAGE Mobile. *The open source licenses are shown only in English.
    (g)Mode switchingTap to switch the control mode  (Cloud control or Direct control.)