Function settings

You can change the operation settings and use various functions from the Individual air conditioner screen.

Tap (a) to open the [Menu] window.

The [Menu] window can be scrolled up and down.
Tap (b) to activate/deactivate each function.

On(Right-side, Blue)

Off(Left-side, White)

To close the window, tap (c).

<Available function and setting>

Operation settings

  • Airflow direction (up/down or left/right)
  • Powerful operation

Economy settings

  • Economy operation
  • Energy saving fan
  • Human sensor

Maintenance settings

  • Outdoor unit low noise operation
  • Outdoor unit low noise timer

  • For details of each function, refer to the operation manual of the air conditioner.
  • Some functions may not appear, depending on air conditioner.