Air conditioner editing

Sub users cannot set this function.

You can edit the air conditioner’s name and unregister the air conditioner.

  1. Tap (a) on the "Setting" screen.
    The screen moves to "Air conditioner editing."
  2. Tap the air conditioner (b) which you want to edit its name or delete.
    Tap [] to show the registered air conditioners or the subordinate group.
    Tap [] to hide the registered air conditioners or the subordinate group.

  3. Edit the information on the air conditioner.
    For details of each setting item, refer to the following table.

    (c)Indoor unit model nameTap to edit the indoor unit's name.

    Edit name using up to 20 characters. (e.g., Room name)
    * The initial name is the installation room set when the air conditioner is registered.
    * This setting is applied only in the current control mode. If you want to set the name in both control modes, switch the control mode and edit the name again.
    (The control mode can be changed in "Environment setting".)

    (d)Installation LocationTap to select the installation location of the air conditioner.
    (e)Time zoneTap to select the time zone where the air conditioner is installed. The Weekly timer and the Outdoor unit low noise timer works according to this setting.
    (f)[Delete] button

    Tap to delete the registered air conditioner from your account. If you tap this button, a confirmation message appears.

    To delete the air conditioner, tap [OK].

    To close the message without deleting the air conditioner, tap [Cancel].


    When disposing of the WLAN adapter or transferring it to a third party, be sure to unregister the air conditioner from this app.
    After the air conditioner is unregistered, initialize the WLAN adapter.
    For a USB-type WLAN adapter, refer to the operation manual of the air conditioner.
    For a external type WLAN adapter, refer to the setting manual.

    To register the deleted air conditioners again, initialize the WLAN adapter in advance.