With AIRSTAGE Mobile, you can control your air conditioner from outside the room or from a distant location through a wireless LAN connection.*1) *2)

  • You can change various functions of the air conditioners.*3)
  • You can check the operating status of the air conditioners on your smartphone*4).

*1): AIRSTAGE Mobile (as "this app") compatible air conditioner with WLAN adapter is necessary.

*2): Battery saving mode is not recommended while using this app. It may affect the communication between this app and the air conditioner.

*3): Usable functions may differ by air conditioner model. Refer to the operation manual of your air conditioner for details.

*4): The display contents are subject to change as a result of updates in this app and may not match the actual screen.

Air conditioner operation

The followings are examples of controllable settings from this app.

  • Operation mode
  • Setting temperature
  • Airflow (Fan speed and airflow direction)
  • Weekly timer

This app has two types of control mode to operate the air conditioners:

Cloud Control
By connecting the access point and the air conditioner, you can control the air conditioner from a distant location.

Direct Control
By connecting the air conditioner and this app directly, you can control the air conditioner without an access point.
(Refer to "DIRECT CONTROL" for details.)

Monitoring the condition of the air conditioner and the room

You can check the condition of the air conditioners at a glance.

The Air conditioner list screen shows the operation status and setting temperature of all registered air conditioners.

You can check the room conditions.

Individual air conditioner screen shows the room temperature and outdoor temperature.


This app can show the notifications from the air conditioners by push notifications and on this app screen.

Firmware update
When a new firmware is available, a notification is sent. (Refer to "Firmware information" for details.)

Error notification
If an error occurs, a notification is sent.

The error notifications are sent only to the Main user.

Important information
Other important notifications may be sent as necessary.