Group editing

Tap (a) on the "Group Setting" screen.
The screen moves to the Group editing.

Group creation
  1. To create a subordinate group under the existing group, tap "" just below the parent group. (For example, button (b) in the following figure.)
    To add a top-level group, tap "" at the bottom of the screen. (Button (c) in the following figure.)
    The screen moves to "Add Group".

  2. Enter the group name to (d).
  3. Tap (e) to complete the setting.
Editing the group name
  1. Select the group (b) to be changed the name.
    The screen moves to "Group Edit".

  2. Enter the new group name to (c).
  3. Tap (d).
Group Deletion
  1. Select the group (b) which you want to delete.
    The screen moves to "Group Edit".

  2. Tap (c).
    The confirmation message appears.

  3. Tap (e) to delete the group.
    To close the message without deleting the group, tap (d).

After deleting the group, the registered air conditioners move to “Others.”