When you use a wireless LAN, there are precautions that you must follow concerning radio waves, personal information, and so on.
To use this app correctly, be sure to read the following precautions and the operation manual of the wireless LAN equipment you are using.
We will assume no responsibility, unless legal liability is recognized, in regards to failures, other defects and damages incurred by use of this app or WLAN adapter that occur through incorrect use or during use by yourself or a third party.

Radio Wave Usage Precautions
  • Do not use the WLAN adapter in the following locations. Using the WLAN adapter in such locations may cause communications to become unstable or not possible.
    • Near wireless communication equipment that uses the same frequency band (2.4 GHz) as the WLAN adapter.
    • Places where there are magnetic fields from equipment such as microwave ovens, or static electricity or radio wave interference occurs. (Radio waves may not reach depending on the environment.)
Personal Information (Security-related) Usage Precautions
  • There is a possibility of interception when you use wireless LAN equipment due to the use of radio waves regardless of whether you use encryption or not.
  • Wireless LAN uses radio waves to exchange information between the WLAN adapter, the access point, and this app. This characteristic has the advantage of freely making a LAN connection if within reach of radio waves.
    On the other hand, if the radio waves are within a certain range, they will reach all locations beyond obstacles (e.g., walls). Therefore, it is possible your communications may be intercepted and read or illegally intruded upon.
  • Do not connect to equipment and networks which you are not authorized to use when setting up your wireless connection.
  • Initialize the settings of the WLAN adapter and this app when disposing of it or transferring it to a third party.
  • Use the WLAN adapter as standard wireless LAN equipment.
    • Do not use the WLAN adapter in hospitals or in/near locations with medical equipment.
    • Do not use the WLAN adapter within aircraft.
    • Do not use the WLAN adapter near electronic equipment that handles high-precision control or weak signals.
      Examples of electronic equipment to be careful of:
      Hearing aids, pacemakers, fire alarms, automatic doors and other automatic control equipment.
  • This is not a guarantee of wireless connection and performance with all access points and in all residential environments. Radio waves may not reach or may be interrupted in the following situations.
    • Use in buildings made from concrete, rebars or metal.
    • Installation near obstacles.
    • Interference with wireless communication equipment using the same frequency.
    • Places where there are magnetic fields from equipment such as microwave ovens, or static electricity or radio wave interference occurs.
  • Set up the WLAN adapter and install this app only after reading the operation manual of the access point.
  • Our WLAN adapters (both optional and included) cannot be connected directly to the communication line, including the public WLAN network, provided by telecommunications carriers.
    When connecting the WLAN adapters to the Internet, be sure to use the access point.