Group setting

You can use the following functions in the "Group Setting" screen.

  • Adding or deleting a group
  • Editing the group name
  • Moving air conditioners to another group
  • Selecting a representative air conditioner in a group (for room temperature display)
  1. Tap (a) on the "Setting" screen to check or edit the Group settings.
    The screen moves to "Group Setting".
  2. Select the item to check or edit.

    (b)Group EditTap to create a new group, edit the group name, or delete the group. Refer to "Group editing" for details.
    (c)Move Device

    Tap to move air conditioners to another group.

    Refer to "Moving air conditioner to another group".

    *If there is no group, this item is not available.

    (d)Room temperature display indoor unit selection

    Tap to select the representative air conditioner of the group. The room temperature display of the group uses the temperature measured by the representative air conditioner.

    Refer to "Room temperature display setting" for details.

    *If there is no group, this item is not available.

    Up to 25 groups can be registered in 1 account.