Sub-user registration

You can register or delete sub users who can operate the air conditioners.
An e-mail address is required for the registration.

Main user

The main user is the person who registered the air conditioner. The main user can use all operations and settings of the air conditioner.

Sub user

The sub user is the person who is registered by the main user. Some functions are restricted for sub user.

Refer to the instructions below for details.

Tap (a) on the "Setting" screen.
The screen moves to "Sub User Registration."

Tap (b) to select the air conditioner to which you want to add or delete the sub user.
The screen moves to "Sub User," and the sub users list is shown.

To delete the sub user, tap (c).

To register a new sub user, tap (d). Refer to "Sub-user registration" below for the following procedures.

To copy the settings of the sub user from another air conditioner to this air conditioner, tap (e). Refer to "Copying the sub-user settings from another air conditioner."

To delete all sub users registered to the air conditioner, tap (f).
* The main user cannot be deleted.

 Sub-user registration
  1. Enter the e-mail address of the sub user to (a) on the "Sub User Registration" screen.
  2. Tap the button (b).
    The registration is complete.

* The e-mail address must be a valid AIRSTAGE Mobile account. Be sure to install AIRSTAGE Mobile and complete the account creation with the sub-user's smartphone in advance.

Copying the sub-user settings from another air conditioner
  1. Select the air conditioner (a) from which you want to copy the sub-user setting on the "Copy user" screen.
    [] indicates the selected air conditioner.
  2. Tap the button (b)
    The sub-user settings are pasted to the air conditioner.

Available functions for sub user

Sub users can operate the air conditioners from the Air conditioner tab ([] or []). Refer to "HOME MENU" and "Individual air conditioner screen" for details.

Sub users can check or edit the account settings and check the other settings from the Settings tab []. Refer to "SETTINGS" and "Account Setting" for details.

The Weekly timer is not available for sub users.