Individual air conditioner screen

This is the main screen for each air conditioner connected.

(a)Air conditioner nameIt shows the air conditioner's name.
(b)Turn On/Off buttonTap to turn on/off the air conditioner operation.
(c)Temperature setting

Tap  or  to change the temperature setting.
The settable temperature range is different depending on the air conditioner. 

  • In the Fan mode, the setting temperature is not shown.
  • In the Minimum Heat mode, the setting temperature cannot be changed.
(d)Fan speed settingIt shows the current fan speed.
Tap this icon to change the fan speed setting. (Refer to "Fan speed setting".)
(e)Operation mode settingIt shows the current operation mode.
Tap this icon to change the operation mode. (Refer to "Operation mode setting".)
(f)Function Menu buttonTap this icon to set the functions of the air conditioner. (Refer to "Function settings".)

<Information on the air conditioner>

(a)Group name

It shows the group name that includes the air conditioner.

If no group is set, this item is not shown.

(b)Error icon

It shows that an error occurs.

For details, refer to "Error message".

(c)Information icon

It shows that the air conditioner is in a special state.
For details, refer to "Special state".

(d)[Clean Filter] icon

It shows that the filter cleaning is required.

For details, refer to "Clean filter".

(e)Timer icon

It shows that a timer is set from the mobile app.

For details, refer to "TIMER OPERATION".

(f)Outdoor Temp.It shows the current outdoor temperature.
(g)Room Temp.It shows the current room temperature.
  • If the outdoor temperature or room temperature exceeds the following table, “--.-” is shown instead of these temperatures.

    Lower limitUpper limit
    The outdoor temperature-25 °C (-13 °F)50 °C (122 °F)
    The room temperature-10 °C (14 °F)40 °C (104 °F)
  • Depending on your air conditioner, current room temperature may not appear on the screen.