Air conditioner list screen

Tap (a) to check or change the air conditioner's settings. Refer to "Individual air conditioner screen" for details.

Tap (b) to start/stop the operation of all air conditioners in the group. Refer to "All start/stop operation" below for details.

Tap (c) to start/stop the operation of each air conditioner.

Tap (d) to register a new air conditioner. Refer to "AIR CONDITIONER REGISTRATION" for details.

<Information on air conditioner>

(a)Error icon

It shows that an error occurs.

Tap here to make a phone call to the contact set in "Service contact".

(b)Air conditioner nameIt shows the air conditioner's name.
(c)Timer icon

It shows that the timer is set from the mobile app.
Refer to "TIMER OPERATION" for details.

(d)Mode icon

It shows the operation mode.

(e)Room Temp.It shows the current room temperature.
(f)Set Temp.It shows the set temperature.

Error icon [] is shown only to the main user of the air conditioner.

All start/stop operation
  1. Tap (a).
    The All Start/Stop Operation window opens.

  2. To stop the operations of all air conditioners, tap the button (b).
    To start the operations of all air conditioners, tap the button (c).
    All air conditioners start/stop the operation, then the completion message appears.
  3. Tap (d) to close the window.

The operation setting is complete.