Items to check

Prepare the following items before using this product.

Air conditionerAIRSTAGE Mobile compatible air conditioner with WLAN adapter
WLAN adapterFujitsu General WLAN adapter that supports AIRSTAGE Mobile (sold separately or air conditioner with a built-in WLAN adapter)
Access point

It should support IEEE802.11 b/g/n wireless LAN standard.
(This app uses 2.4GHz frequency band)

Refer to the operation manual of the access point to check if it supports IEEE802.11b/g/n or WPS.

* When you use this app only in Direct Control mode, the access point is unnecessary. (Refer to "DIRECT CONTROL" for details.)


Supported OS

  • Android OS
  • iOS
* Check the latest supported OS version at Google Play or App Store.

4 GB or more (recommended)

* If the RAM capacity is insufficient, it may take longer for screen transition.

Recommended resolution1334 × 750 pixels or higher
  • Setting manual of WLAN adapter
  • Operation manual of the air conditioner

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When this app is updated, a notification is sent from Google Play or App Store.

Keep this app up to date to strengthen the security, improve the function, and fix bugs.