Register the air conditioner to be operated from this app.

The user who registered the air conditioner is set to the main user.

Before the registration

*If you use the Direct control mode, skip these steps and refer to "Start registration" below.

  1. Enable wireless LAN by the settings of your smartphone.

  2. Tap the access point network to be connected to the air conditioner.
    The smartphone is connected to the access point.

  • The detailed setting method differs by smartphone. Refer to the operation manual of your smartphone.
  • Connect to a 2.4GHz network.
  • If you use multiple access points, turn off the auto-join setting between your smartphone and the access point other than used for the air conditioner registration.
    If your smartphone connects to the other access points, the air conditioner registration may fail.
    The auto-join setting can be changed from [Settings] of your smartphone.

Start registration
  1. Tap (a) to start registering a new air conditioner to this app.
  2. Register the new air conditioner following the instruction on this app.
    When the registration succeeds, the following screen appears.
  3. Press the button (b) to complete the registration.

  • The WLAN indicator lamp on the air conditioner or the WLAN adapter changes from blinking to lit when the registration succeeds.
  • If you set the air conditioner to Easy connection mode, the connection mode cannot be changed for 60 seconds. When you switch from Easy connection mode to Manual connection mode, wait 60 seconds before the mode-change operation.
  • Even if an error occurs during the installation location setting, the registration can be completed. Check the installation location from the "Air conditioner editing" screen after the registration.
  • Up to 50 air conditioners can be registered to a single account.