BACnet® Gateway (Hardware) UTY-VBGX

Max. number of connectable systems :
1 VRF network system
Max. number of controllable systems :
32 refrigerant systems
Max. number of controllable units :
128 indoor units


  • The BACnet® Gateway connects to BMS and a Fujitsu General VRF system.
  • Up to 128 indoor units and 32 refrigerant systems can be connected to a single BACnet® Gateway.
  • Compatible with BACnet® (ANSI / ASHRAE-135-2010) application-specific controller (B-ASC)
  • Compatible with BACnet®/IP over Ethernet

Installation example


Model Name UTY-VBGX
Power Supply Phase single phase
Voltage 100 ~ 240 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Net Dimensions Height 59.6 mm
Width 270.4 mm
Depth 176 mm
Net Weight 1,200 g
Power Consumption Max. 4.6 W
Max. Number of Controllable Indoor Units 128
Max. Number of Controllable Refrigerant Systems 32
Max. Number of Connectable VRF Networks 1
Max. Number of Connectable Units per VRF Networks 4