DX Kit for Air Handling Applications For VRF outdoor unit


Multiple temperature sensors optimally control an air handling unit and a fan coil unit.

When connected to an air handling unit (AHU), the temperature of supply air is controlled by a discharge sensor.

When connected to a fan coil unit (FCU), the room temperature is controlled by a return-air temperature sensor.

Application as part of a VRF system

Supports a wide range of capacity classes

  • Two EEV units can be connected in parallel to large capacity units of up to 20 HP (50 kW). (UTP-LX180A Separation Tube required)
  • Connectable capacity range: 5 to 50 kW

A variety of control options that meet application requirements

Central control enabled by our VRF controllers or central management controllers

Central control from external controllers

Summary of functions


  • On/Off
  • Setting temperature
  • Capacity demand
  • Heating and cooling operation modes
  • Fault information


  • On/Off indication
  • Fan On/Off indication
  • Thermostat On/Off indication
  • Defrost indication
  • Fault indication

MODBUS® Converter

Can be controlled via a MODBUS®-enabled BMS using an optional interface.

Installation requirements

  • Connectable VRF series: J-IIS, J-II, V-II, VR-II
  • Capacity range of connectable DX Kit systems: 50 to 100% of an outdoor unit's capacity
  • Capacity range of connectable DX Kit systems with indoor units: 30% or less of an outdoor unit's capacity
  • Max. wiring length from a control unit: 10 m
  • Max. piping length between an EEV unit and an indoor unit: 5 m
  • Outdoor installation: A control unit (IP54 class) and an EEV unit can be installed outdoors.

Optional Separation Tube to connect 2 EEV units: UTP-LX180A

Connectable capacity
Piping and wiring length