AI Care settings


Sub-user cannot change the setting.

Tap (a) to display the AI Care settings screen.

Changing the AI Care settings
  1. The Air Conditioner List is displayed. Tap the air conditioner to be set to display the setting screen.

  2. Tap the item (a) to be set to select it and then tap [Set] (b). The setting is sent to the air conditioner.

    AI heat sterilization + Internal clean This function learns the time periods when people are not present and automatically begins heat sterilization after stopping operation when people are expected to be gone. Heat sterilization is stopped when the people return.
    Internal clean

    Internal clean is automatically started after cooling or dry operation stops.

    OFF Internal clean is not conducted.


  • It might not be possible to select some items depending on the air conditioner. (Those items are displayed in gray.)
  • “AI heat sterilization + Internal clean” cannot be selected while connected in the direct control mode.
  • For details regarding internal clean or heat sterilization, refer to the air conditioner operation manual.