Direct Control Mode

The air conditioner can be operated using a smartphone without using a wireless LAN router.
However, the functions that can be used are limited and this mode only works when the air conditioner and the smartphone are at a distance at which direct communication is possible.
For details regarding air conditioner registration, refer to "Air Conditioner Registration
When you want to switch to the direct control mode while using in the cloud control mode, tap “Mode switching” in the Environmental setting.


If a connection in the cloud control mode has never been made, the air conditioner’s wireless LAN indicator lamp will not light up while connected in the direct control mode.

While connected in the direct control mode, an icon that indicates the direct control mode is displayed at the top right of the screen.

Operations and settings that are possible

The air conditioner can be operated from the [] tab. (For details, refer to “Operating the Air Conditioner” and "Operation screen”). 

From the [  ] tab, the account settings, environmental settings, air conditioner editing, ECO mode settings (excluding the AI function), and internal clean settings (excluding the AI function) can be checked and changed and the firmware information can be checked.
(For details, refer to “Account settings,” "Environmental setting,” "Air conditioner editing,” "AI ECO mode setting,” "AI Care settings,” and "Firmware information”)


The weekly timer cannot be set in the direct control mode.