Precautions when using the wireless LAN

When using a wireless LAN, there are precautions regarding the radio waves, personal information, and other things that must be observed. Be sure to carefully read the following information and the operation manual of the wireless LAN being used and then use the wireless LAN correctly.

Fujitsu General shall in no way be responsible for any damages sustained through the use of this product when it has been used incorrectly by the customer or a third party, a failure has occurred during use, or for any other reason except when liability for damages is recognized by law.

Radio wave related usage precautions
  • Fujitsu General’s wireless LAN adapter has received Construction Design Certification as radio equipment of a radio station in low-power data communication systems in accordance with the Radio Act. Therefore, a radio station license is not required to use this wireless LAN adapter. In addition, Fujitsu General’s wireless LAN adapter can only be used within Japan.

  • Do not use IEEE802.11b/g/n compliant products in the following locations. Communication may be unstable or interrupted.

    • Within the magnetic field close to a microwave oven or where static electricity or electromagnetic interference occurs.
    • Close to equipment that uses radio waves close to the 2.4GHz frequency (this could cause poor reception).
Usage precautions regarding personal information (security related)
  • When using wireless LAN equipment, there is the possibility the communication will be intercepted regardless of whether or not an encryption setting is used.

  • The wireless LAN uses radio waves to exchange information between this product and a wireless LAN router, which provides the advantage of being able to freely connect to a LAN as long as it is within the range of the radio waves. Conversely, the radio waves will pass through barriers (walls, etc.) and reach all areas within a certain range, so there is a possibility the communicated information could be stolen or subject to unauthorized access, etc.

  • When set to wireless connection, do not connect to equipment or networks that do not use usage authorization.

  • When handing over the air conditioner and wireless LAN adapter to a party other than the customer, such as transferring it to a third party or sending it away for disposal, be sure to initialize the settings of the air conditioner and the wireless LAN adapter.

  • This is general wireless LAN equipment, so use it within your home.
    • Do not use it in or close to hospitals or locations where medical equipment is used.
    • Do not use it inside of aircraft.
    • Do not use it close to electronic equipment that performs highly accurate control or handles weak signals.
      Examples of electronic equipment requiring caution:
      Hearing aids, heart pacemakers, fire detectors, automatic doors, other automatic control equipment, etc.
  • No guarantee is made regarding wireless connection and performance for all wireless LAN routers and home environments.
    The reception could be poor or interrupted in the following circumstances.

    • When used in building made of concrete, reinforced concrete, and metal.
    • When installed close to obstacles.
    • When there is interference with other wireless communication equipment using the same frequency.
    • When within the magnetic field close to a microwave oven or where static electricity or electromagnetic interference occurs.
  • Refer to the wireless LAN router instruction when installing and setting up to product.

  • The wireless LAN of this product supports 1 to 13 channels. Communication with the wireless LAN router is not possible when more channels than this area set.

  • The Fujitsu General wireless LAN adapter (sold separately or air conditioners with a built-in wireless LAN adapter) cannot be directly connected to the communication line (including public wireless LANs) of a telecommunications company (mobile communications company, land line communications company, internet provider, etc.). When connecting this product to the internet, be sure to do it via a wireless LAN router.