Automatic update settings


Sub-user cannot set this function.

Setting a schedule makes it possible to automatically conduct the air conditioner unit and wireless LAN adapter firmware update at the set time.


“Firmware update” might not be displayed depending on the air conditioner. A firmware update cannot be performed if “Firmware update” is not displayed.

  1. Tap (a) to display the Automatic update settings screen.

  2. Tap (b) to make the automatic update settings valid.

    ON Automatic update settings are valid.

    OFF Automatic update settings are invalid.

    The Note screen is displayed.
    Tap [OK] to make the setting valid and close the window.
    Tap [Cancel] to leave the setting invalid and close the window.

  3. Tap (c) to display the Time Setting screen.
    Set the firmware update start time.


  • The air conditioner cannot be used during the firmware update. Setting the start time to a time when the air conditioner is not used is recommended. (A maximum of 30 min is required for the update.)
  • Do not turn off the air conditioner power until the update is completed.
  • When the update is complete, the timer and other settings set from the remote controller are initialized. Once the air conditioner is operated by the remote controller, the settings return to their pre-initialization state.
  • Immediately after changing the automatic update setting, the update may not start. Wait for the update to begin. (48 hours max.)