The push notifications on/off can be set and the history of received notifications can be checked.


  • Sub-user cannot set this function.
  • As the settings for important notifications cannot be changed, they are not displayed.

Tap (a) to display the Notification screen.

Tap (b) to change the push notification settings for each air conditioner.
Tap (c) to check the notification history.

Notification settings
  1. The Air Conditioner List is displayed. Tap the air conditioner to be set to display the Notification settings screen.

  2. Tap (a) to display the details for each notification.
    Tap (b) to switch the push notification between ON and OFF. When a push notification is required, turn it ON, when it is not required, turn it OFF.
  3. Tap [Update] (c) to apply the changed information and complete the setting.

Notification history

The history of notifications from the nocria app can be checked in the order of latest first.
Tap (a) to switch the display order.