Important Notifications

Internet access

Connection to the internet is required for the nocria app to use the cloud control mode. Confirm there is no problem with the wireless LAN signal strength and that the connection will not be interrupted while making settings.
* Connection to the internet is not required when using the direct control mode. For details, refer to “Direct Control Mode

  • The air conditioner settings made using the nocria app are not reflected in the infrared light remote controller.
  • If the air conditioner power is cut off by the breaker tripping or the power plug being pulled out, etc., the air conditioner cannot be operated by or have its status checked by the nocria app.
  • The nocria app can be used to check the room temperature while the air conditioner is running. However, the correct temperature might not be displayed depending on the room conditions and air conditioner operation conditions. Use the temperature reading as a reference.
  • If the nocria app and remote controller settings differ, the most recent operation will be reflected.
    * When the timer is set from both the nocria app and the remote controller, both settings are valid.
History information
  • Due to the characteristics of this service, the service use history, access history, models of the room air conditioner and equipment, production Nos., electricity usage, usage time, usage situation, error history, and operation history, etc. (comprehensively called “history information”) are acquired by the server.
  • The acquired history information is used for the development and improvement of new services.
  • For details, refer to “Environmental setting
Part names

Wireless LAN adapter

(a) Wireless LAN label

(b) Adapter information label (Affixed to the wireless LAN adapter by tape. Not provided on wireless LAN adapters built into the air conditioner.)
     *Remove this label before inserting the wireless LAN into the air conditioner.

(c) Connection terminal


The 2-dimensional barcode shown on the wireless LAN label and adapter information label are used for air conditioner registration. For details, refer to “Air Conditioner Registration

Air conditioner body

The insertion location for the wireless LAN adapter differs depending on the air conditioner model. For details, refer to the air conditioner operation manual.