AI Operating Suggestion


Sub-user cannot change the setting.

Tap (a) icon to change the AI Operating Suggestion valid / Invalid.

Function is valid

Function is invalid

When the AI operating suggestion is valid, the following functions will work.

On timer pre-operation

AI learns how the room cools and warms and begins operation early so that the room is at a comfortable temperature by the time set by the on timer.


  • Operation can be stopped during pre-operation. After that, operation starts at the on timer set time.

  • Pre-operation does not work when operation is started during fan operation.

Operating reservation suggestion

Based on weather forecast data around your area, the system detects that it will be hot or cold above a certain level in the early morning or evening and suggests timer reservation settings to your smartphone.
In addition, AI learns the room condition of people detected by the occupancy sensor and sends an on timer setting suggestion to your smartphone when you wake up or return home.


  • Suggestions are conducted at recommended time while AI is learning.

  • Operation is started early so that the room is at a comfortable temperature by the set time.

When there is an operating suggestion from AI, the reservation valid / invalid and time can be changed.

  1. Tap (a) to display the AI Operating Suggestion screen.

  2. Tap (b) icon to change the reservation valid / invalid.

    Reserve Reservation is valid

    Do not reserve Reservation is invalid

    Tap (c) to change the reservation time.
    Tap (d) to save the change and return to the Menu screen.
    To return without making a change, tap [] (e).