Air Conditioner Registration

Register the air conditioner to be operated.
The user that registered the air conditioner is the main user of that air conditioner.

Before registering

Turn on wireless LAN by the setting of your smartphone. 


  • The detailed setting method differs depending on the smartphone. Refer to the operation manual of your smartphone.
  • If your app is version 1.2.14 or earlier, tap the network of the wireless LAN router to be connected to the air conditioner, and then connect the smartphone and wireless LAN router.
    • Connect to a 2.4GHz network.
    • When connecting in Direct Control Mode, the smartphone and wireless LAN router do not need to be connected.
Registration start

The Air conditioner list screen is displayed after signing in.
Registration is also conducted from the Air conditioner list screen when registering the second and subsequent air conditioners. (For details refer to “Air conditioner list”).
You can also watch a video on how to register the air conditioner.(

  1. When [+] (a) is tapped, air conditioner registration starts.

  2. Tap [Registration Started] (b).

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to register a new air conditioner.
  4. The following screen is displayed when registration is completed.
    Tap [Completion of registration] (c) to complete air conditioner registration.


  • When the connection between the air conditioner and wireless LAN router is successful, the wireless LAN indicator lamp on the air conditioner body will change from blinking to lit.
  • If an operation from the remote controller during air conditioner registration puts the air conditioner in the button connection mode, it is not possible to switch to the manual connection mode for 60 sec. When stopping registration in the middle of the button connection mode and then conducting registration in the manual connection mode, wait 60 sec before conducting the operation.
  • If an error message is displayed for setting the postal code or installation room during air conditioner registration, check and set the postal code and installation room using “Air conditioner editing after air conditioner registration is completed.
  • Maximum 10 air conditioners can be registered to a single account.