Tap (a) to display the Help screen.

Tap the item you want to check to be transferred to the corresponding page in Fujitsu General's website.

(b) Support page The Fujitsu General support page is displayed.
(c) Inspection / Cleaning service information

The Fujitsu General inspection and cleaning service page is displayed.

(d) Repair reception page

The Fujitsu General “Repair Reception for Individual Customers” page is displayed. To request repairs, scroll down and tap “Repair reception” within the “Repair reception form.”

(e) Manual(ノクリアアプリ) The nocria app manual is displayed.
(f) Manual(Air conditioner related) A list of Fujitsu General product manuals is displayed.
(g) Error list A list of error code for the nocria app is displayed.
(h) nocria shop The Fujitsu General online store is displayed.


This cannot be used if the smartphone is not connected to the internet, such as when operating in the direct control mode.