Weekly Timer

Two Weekly Timers can be set in one air conditioner.


  • Only one weekly timer can be enabled. Two Weekly Timers cannot be enabled at the same time.
  • The weekly timer does not work when a sleep timer is set from the remote controller.
  • Sub-user cannot set this function.

Tap (a) to check and edit the Weekly Timer details. 
Tap (b) to change the Weekly Timer valid / invalid.

Weekly Timer is valid

Weekly Timer is invalid

Checking the Weekly Timer

The Weekly Timer screen is displayed.

<Displayed items>


Day of the week

Indicates the day of the week for which the timer is set.

(b) Time

Indicates the time for which the timer is set.

(c) Current time

Indicates the current day and time.

(d) ON

Indicates the start of operation. The color changes depending on the set operation mode.

(e) OFF

Indicates the stop of operation.

Editing the Weekly Timer

An operation schedule with a maximum of 4 times can be set in one day of the week.

  1. Tap the day (a) for which you want to add or edit timers.
    * The timer settings can be copied for one day of the week to a different day of the week. (For details, refer to “Copying timer settings”)

  2. Tap [Add reservation] (b) to display the Timer Edit screen.
    Tap [Delete] (c) to cancel the currently displayed timer.

  3. Tap the item and then edit it.

    <Items that can be edited>

    (d) Times of Day Set the time.
    (e) Operation

    OFF: Operation is stopped at that time.   
    ON: Operation is started at that time.  

    (f) Operation mode

    Select the operation mode.
    * Editing is only possible when operation “ON” is selected.

    (g) Set temperature

    Select the set temperature.
    * Editing is only possible when operation “ON” is selected.

  4. Tap [Save] (h) to save the edited contents.
    As the confirmation screen will be displayed, tap [OK] to complete the save. Tap [Cancel] to close the confirmation screen.
    If you do not want to save the changes, tap [Cancel] (i). The edited information will be deleted.

  5. Tap [] (j) to return to the Weekly Timer screen.