Quadrant Systems Ltd

Take to the sky in Burgess Hill


A recent Fujitsu VRF VR II Heat Recovery installation by H & D Air Conditioning at Quadrant Systems helps to keep the flight simulation company flying high.

Anyone fortunate enough to have been in a flight simulator will know what a cool experience that is. As well as being used for ‘fun’ experience days though, flight simulators also have a more serious and vital role in training for both civil and military crews.

Flight simulation experts Quadrant Systems Limited have operated from their purpose built facility at Burgess Hill since their formation in 1994. Quadrant are active across the core areas of the Flight Simulation Industry serving a diverse and worldwide customer base both with the in-house Training Centre and the Design, Engineering, Maintenance and Relocation teams.

Quadrant’s Training Centre at Burgess Hill is home to full flight simulators and all necessary training school facilities. User experience is a primary focus and crews are met following each training session to ensure that the user expectations are addressed.

Quadrant’s engineering team are able to offer design services covering all engineering disciplines including systems, software, electrical and mechanical design. They have assembled a team of specialist engineers that can implement updates on any simulator from any era, with expertise extending to both Civil and Military programmes including design support for simulator centres at a number of RAF bases.

Keeping a cool head (and warm feet) – H & D Air Conditioning

When undertaking such specialist work, it is important to keep a cool head. Fortunately Quadrant turned to H&D Air Conditioning also conveniently located in Burgess Hill for their specialist cooling and heating needs.

H & D Air Conditioning are specialists at providing energy efficient air conditioning, refrigeration and climate control services to all commercial & residential properties throughout the South East. From bespoke design and installations to after-sales care and maintenance, they have an excellent reputation for providing an inclusive service.

The team at H & D is headed up by director; Tony Johanson. The family business originally started as Home & Dry in 1983, “so you can see how we’ve got the H & D in our company name” advises Tony. Tony’s father started Home & Dry by selling dehumidifiers and port air conditioners. As the demand for air conditioning grew, so did their business and expertise. They are now proud to be specialists in their field. “We haven’t forgotten our roots and still sell a wide range of quality dehumidifiers today” added Tony.

Feet firmly on the ground

Quadrant may help their clients reach for the skies but when it comes to their own commercial decisions; their feet are firmly planted on the ground. Quadrant’s brief for the latest project was that the equipment was cost effective, easy to maintain and provide excellent return on investment (ROI).

Quadrant have been a client of H & D since 1995 and the new installation was part of a necessary upgrade of equipment serving the East West perimeter offices using Fujitsu’s energy efficient VR II Heat recovery VRF system with Compact Cassettes which was chosen in preference to others because of its superior energy efficiency and cost.

Another factor was the superior support from Fujitsu’s team which enables H&D to provide a service to Quadrant that they are rightly proud of: exceptional level of customer care and speedy turnaround time without ever compromising on quality. In turn, for Quadrant, ensuring a comfortable environment for their workforce and visitors is paramount. The new Fujitsu install enables them to improve their working environment and productivity whilst saving them money.

Both Quadrant and D&H were especially pleased with the Fujitsu compact cassettes that sit smoothly in the ceiling, so they are almost invisible. With 4-way air distribution (configured to suit the room), and turbo fan technology which cools (or heats) the whole room quickly and efficiently it is easy to feel the benefit of them.

Take control

“We may never actually get to jump into a the captain’s seat of an Airbus A320, or Boeing 737-300 ‘Classic’ Level C, but we may take control of Fujitsu’s exceptional product range and steer the modern energy efficient systems to a safe and effective landing” as did H &D Air Conditioning.

Fujitsu Air Conditioning (UK) is part of the Fujitsu Group, one of the best known and most successful engineering and electronics organisations in the world. Fujitsu Air Conditioning is a world leading provider of innovative, reliable and energy efficient air conditioning products.