Smart and Comfort Control

Navigation and setting

  • Select from a heating menu
  • Set a programmable timer

Large LCD panel

  • Shows operation status
  • Shows error messages
  • Messages in plain text

Easy-to-set operation modes

  • Select a heating mode and set water temperature

Heating mode setting

Auto mode

Enables automatic switching between Comfort mode and Reduce mode depending on outdoor temperature.

Comfort mode

Maintains room temperature at a comfortable level.

Reduce mode

Maintains room temperature at a lower level.

Protection mode

Activates frost protection in standby mode.

Automatic heating curve control

The heating curve is automatically controlled based on the outdoor temperature and the set temperature. Temperature can be adjusted when it is too warm or too cold.

Program timer

  • You can set on/off times easily.
  • You can select an operation mode for each on/off setting.

Weekly timer

  • Allows up to 3 on/off settings per day.
  • Allows individual settings for each day of the week.

Holiday timer

  • Allows up to 8 on/off settings.
  • While you are away from home for an extended period during winter, the system prevents your room or house from freezing.

Auto changeover

When cooling mode is selected, the system automatically switches between cooling and heating modes depending on the outdoor temperature to serve as an all-season air conditioner.

Remote control-extension

A variety of optional remote controllers are available. You can also remotely control the system via the Internet. These options meet your every lifestyle need.