ProCore™. A powerful defender against VOC damage.

Tired of replacing leaky coils? ProCoreTM copper tubing provides the solution. Even in the most corrosive environments, tubing with ProCoreTM technology maintains refrigeration system integrity with no reduction in capacity.

Install with confidence, and bring longer-lasting comfort to your customers.

  • Dramatically inhibits pitting & corrosion
  • Maximizes reliability of the heat transfer system
  • Enabled a dramatic reduction in replacement coils over the last 5 years
  • Stronger and more resilient than standard & oxygen-free copper
ProCore™. A powerful defender against VOC damage.


Over time, copper tubing used in a HVAC system can corrode with constant exposure to dampness and VOC's that are in the air. Corrosion forms horizontally across the surface of the tube which inhibits oxidization from penetrating deeper into the copper and eventually causing a leak. In the most corrosive environments, new ProCore™ tubing will maintain the integrity of the refrigeration system with no reduction in capacity or service to the end user. Just one more way Fujitsu is bringing you Infinite Comfort!

With ProCore™, Fujitsu continues to innovate!

As Fujitsu focuses its efforts towards continuous improvement, Fujitsu's shift to ProCore™, has shown tremendous improvement in our indoor AIRSTAGE H-Series and AIRSTAGE VRF products.

Extensive lab testing has proven that it's stronger and more resilient than both standard and Oxygen Free Copper. PLUS, it has earned extremely high marks for quality, purity and consistency of thickness ... giving you maximum confidence in your copper.

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