AIRSTAGE Mobile: Wireless LAN app

The functions displayed on the application screen vary depending on the indoor unit model.

Check the supported app (AIRSTAGE Mobile or FGLair) on your air conditioner.

The supported app differs by the air conditioner, and your air conditioner is not operable by using the unsupported app.

The supported app is identifiable with the SSID of the WLAN Adapter.

For details, click the link attached below.

Which of the AIRSTAGE Mobile or FGLair is operable on my Air conditioner (WLAN Adapter)? 

Update your AIRSTAGE Mobile app.

When mobile app has been updated, a notification will be sent from Google Play or App Store.

Keep the mobile app up to date to strengthen the security, improve the function, and fix bugs.

Check that your air conditioner is compatible with the “AIRSTAGE Mobile app”.

“AIRSTAGE Mobile app” cannot be used with air conditioners that are not in the “Compatible air conditioners list”. Check the compatibility from below.

Compatible air conditioners list

Check "AIRSTAGE Mobile app" is available in your country / region.

"AIRSTAGE Mobile app" is only available in the following countries and regions.

Available country / region list

For iOS

For Android


User Friendly for Everyone

Everyone can enjoy easy to use centralized operation of air conditioners via smartphone anytime, anywhere.



House Owner , Shop Owner , Commercial Building Owner

House Owner , Shop Owner , Commercial Building Owner

New Design!

Ease of use is pursued to achieve a stylish design.

The more legible and accessible timer UI enables effortless schedule management.

Fan speed change

Fan speed change

Mode change

Mode change

Weekly timer

Weekly timer

Centralized operation for flexible remote management of all air conditioners

AIRSTAGE Mobile is ideal for a wide range of applications, from large residential buildings to smaller commercial spaces such as offices and stores.

Anyone who has a smartphone and an adapter can easily install the system at a low cost.

Maximum of 5 user accounts can be set per 1 indoor unit, including the main user and sub users.

Increased the Number of Accounts

Hierarchical group management

Multiple air conditioners can be combined into a single group for centralized operation. Several groups can also be organized at once.

Grouping the air conditioners by building, floor, or room makes it easy for users to monitor their operation status and operate them quickly.

Hierarchical group management
Hierarchical group management

Air conditioner control and operation status check just by talking to the smart speaker

Connecting with a smart speaker allows the user to operate the air conditioner and check its operation status just by talking to it.

Air conditioner control and operation status check just by talking to the smart speaker