Voice control for your Fujitsu air conditioner using Google Assistant

FGLair™ With Google Assistant!

STEP 1: Set up FGLair™ app

STEP 2: Purchase an Google Home device

STEP 3: Set up Google Home app

Control your Fujitsu air conditioner with Google Assistant!



Anything using FGLair™




  1. OK Google, turn on the [living room].
  2. OK Google, turn off the [living room].
  3. OK Google, set the [living room] temperature to 78 degrees.
  4. OK Google, increase the [living room] temperature by 1 degrees.
  5. OK Google, decrease the [living room] temperature by 2 degrees.
  6. OK Google, set the [living room] to Cool.
  7. OK Google, set the [living room] to Heat.
  8. OK Google, set the [living room] to Dry.
  9. OK Google, set the [living room] to Auto.
  10. OK Google, set the [living room] to Fan.
  11. OK Google, set Cool on the [living room] to 78 degrees.
  12. OK Google, set Heat on the [living room] to 78 degrees.
  13. OK Google, what is the [living room] set to?
  14. OK Google, what is the temperature in the [living room] ?
For UTY-TFNXZ2: No.14 is unusable.


  • Can perform the entire setup process from your smartphone
  • Using FGLair™, there is no loss of inverter efficiency


  • FGLair™ compatible Fujitsu air conditioner
  • Google Home device
  • Available Wireless LAN network
  • Google Home app

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