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Antenna Radiation Pattern Measurement

PDF Antenna Radiation Pattern Measurement (PDF: 136KB)

The emission pattern of wireless LAN and a cellular phone and various antennas can be measured by high speed and the automatic operation in the small electric wave chamber.

Antenna Radiation Pattern Measurements

The emission pattern of the direct wave from the device without the wall reflection can be measured with the small electric wave chamber where the absorption belt was given to six walls.

Measurement bandwidth 30MHz-18GHz
Turning angle degree resolution Min. 2° step and more
Rotating table φ3m (load 1t)
Receiver antenna heights 0.95-2.5m
  • The measurement of the turning angle degree and the reception level can be measured by full automation with special software.
  • It corresponds also at the transmission levels that change by the Max Hold measurement. As for the measuring data, a comparison of various result of a measurements and an original report making are easy according to preservation by Comma Separated Value, and graphing by Excel etc.
  • The evaluation of the antenna unit is also possible by the input of the signal from SG.

Antenna pattern

Antenna height pattern measurement

The measurement of height pattern can measure the radiation level of the vertical direction from the antenna height pattern weighing device by full automation at intervals of 1-2.5m/1cm in an arbitrary angle of one point.

Antenna height pattern


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