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EMC Test service for Home appliance

We had approved "S-Mark" by TÜV Rheinland especially this time, we do EMC test service ever before. Our laboratory expanded test service of home appliance for Japanese domestic market and radiated noise measurement of 30 to 1,000MHz is necessary (possibility to exclusion under special condition) for European market since May 2012. We have two 10m method semi anechoic chambers and will be supported any emergency measurement demand even week end, holidays and mid-night.

Test specifications

Market Reguration Standard Item Subjects
Japan EMI (PSE Mark)

Ministerial Order Cluse1 Standard
(Noise Strongness)

Ministerial Order Cluse2 Standard


Conducted Noise
Power Terminal 526.5kHz - 30MHz, AMN
Click 1.4/30MHz,
Disterbance Analyzer
Load Terminal 526.5kHz - 30MHz,
High Impedance Plobe
Radiated Power 30 - 300MHz, EMI Clump
Harmonic Current JIS C61000-3-2 Harmonic Currrent Class A
Europe (CE Mark) EMI EN55014-1 Conducted Noise Power Terminal 150kHz - 30MHz, AMN
Click 0.15/0.5/1.4/30MHz,
Disterbance Analyzer
Load Terminal 150kHz - 30MHz,
High Impedance Plobe
Radiated Noise (Radiated Power) 30 - 300MHz,
10m RF Chamber (30 - 300MHz, EMI Clump)
Immunity EN55014-2 ESD Touch ±4kV, Untouch ±8kV
Radiated Immunity 80 - 1,000MHz, 3V/m, 80%AM
EFT/Burst AC ±1.0kV, DC ±0.5kV, Signal ±0.5kV
Thunder Surge AC L-PE±2.0kV, L-L±1.0kV
Conducted Immunity 150kHz - 80(230)MHz, 3Vrms, 80%AM
Dip / Interruption 70%/20cycle, 40%/10cycle, 0%/0.5cycle
Harmonic Current EN61000-3-2/-12 Harmonic Current Class A
Voltage Fluctuation/Flicer EN61000-3-3/-11 Voltage Fluctuation/Flicer  
Low Freq Magne Field EN62233 Low Freq Magne Field 10Hz - 400kHz

*1   Client may choose to test with Ministerial Order Cluse1 or 2.

*2   The lowest frequency of conducted Noise of Ministerial Order Cluse2 (J55014-1) is 150kHz which same as European standard.

Test Equipment for Radiated Power

Photo : Large Shield room

* Introduction EMI Clump and Positioner in addition, two chambers are available for measurement now!!

Radiated Noise Measurement: No.1 10m Method RF Chamber

Photo : No.1 10m Method RF Chamber

Radiated Noise Measurement: No.2 10m Method RF Chamber

Photo : No.2 10m Method RF Chamber

Support Service for "S-Mark" Certification

One-Stop Service is now available from apply to certificate for "S-Mark" by TÜV Rheinland at our Laboratory.

* Your order can be done to us directly or thru TÜV Rheinland.

Image : Support Service for "S-Mark" Certification FlowImage : TÜV Logo


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