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Fujitsu General EMC Laboratory Ltd.

Fujitsu General EMC Laboratory Ltd. EMC Measurements and Consulting. We support all clients by the latest equipments and our experienced staff engineers.

Fujitsu General EMC Laboratory Ltd.

This laboratory provides the technical services concerning EMC measurement, testing and consulting about various noises (shutoff and reduction) to cope with compliance tests for various standards at our site as well as at client's site making use of our latest equipment and experienced staff.


We have accredited VLAC Lab Accreditationnew

We accredited testing laboratories of ISO/IEC17025 from VLAC which was ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation) member.
In addition to the emission measurement from before, it was enabled the examination of various immunity tests and the harmonics electric current / voltage change measurement that were authorized ISO/IEC17025.

Automotive Test Service

The regulations had been changed, Now even the After Market Goods became a compulsive control subject of EMC instructions (CE mark) from 2013/7/1. Our laboratory is available to offer from e-mark test solution to all major car manufacture's standard special demand. Please check this out!!

Now we are offering EMC measurement and environmental consulting.

We will come up to your test site and do consulting and characteristic improvement for your new / exist anechoic chamber.

We have started Performance Valuation Service for Weak Radio Equipment

Our laboratory has started the performance valuation service for weak radio equipment stipulated by Radio Act (Japan: 9kHz~40GHz) Trustee measurement service is also available!! No need to come our laboratory.

Shield Evaluation by Split Shield Room

Using our own designed "Split Shield Room" where is available shield material (Gasket, Cable, Connector and Film etc.) evaluation by Schematic Distant Field in conformity with MIL-STD-285 in order to measure them under real usage condition. Shield Door also can be measure!!

On-Site Calibration

We provide an On-site measurement service for overseas clients as well.

Batch total evaluation and calibration for EMC chamber and measurement equipment are available. Please refer to the links "Evaluation of characteristics of measurement site" and "On-site evaluation and EMC measuring instrument calibration, batch calibration" About your concerns and questions, we can suggest the countermeasures to solve your problems. Try to contact us!!

PDFOn-Site Calibration (PDF:114KB)

Site VSWR evaluation test

Evaluation test for Site VSWR and/or Uniformity of the client's chamber is performed in accordance with 1 – 6GHz EMI examination rules of VCCI/EN (CE). Also, according to your request, NSA evaluation test, calibration and improvement proposals of your measurement equipment are available to offer.

We also meet the demand of your products measurement because our chambers are included on VCCI list/ site recognition of 1 - 6 GHz EMI examination.


Introducing the features of Fujitsu General EMC Laboratory.

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Introduction of laboratory

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