Community Involvement and Development Promotion of Coexistence with Local Communities

Approaches to community involvement and development

The Fujitsu General Group considers the "Promotion of Education for the Next Generation" and "Promotion of community coexistence" to be key issues for community involvement. We wish to convey the excitement of product creation and manufacturing to children who will lead the next generation, and nurture human resources who will be involved in manufacturing in the future. In addition, by holding various events for local residents, we aim to play a role in the development of local communities.

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Key initiatives

Communication with Local Communities

Fujitsu General Group is promoting coexistence with local communities through exchanges. Fujitsu General (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a manufacturer in Thailand, participated in reforestation activities organized by an industrial park. Fujitsu General (Aust.) Pty Ltd., a distributor in Australia, participated in an event to support people who are homeless due to poverty, the presidents of participating companies spent the night outdoor in winter to raise funds.

Reforestation by planting

Reforestation by planting

Conservation and release of Tanakia lanceolata (slender bitterling)

In July 2021, we released Tanakia lanceolata (slender bitterling), a rare species listed in the Shizuoka Prefecture Red Data Book as an endangered species.Local elementary school students helped release the bitterling, which had been bred in a biotope maintained at our Hamamatsu Plant, into the Shorakuji Biotope in Hamamatsu City. This project contributed to the preservation of biodiversity in the local community.

Biodiversity Conservation

Release of Tanakia lanceolata

Release of Tanakia lanceolata

Organizing factory tours: Fujitsu General (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

In May 2021, Fujitsu Shogun (Shanghai) Limited, our group production company in China, invited representatives from the human resources and general affairs departments of 14 Japanese companies for a plant tour.Communication between the companies was promoted through the exchange of information on the status of security systems and personnel management issues.

Factory tours

Factory tours

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