CSR Community Involvement and Development

Approaches to community involvement and development

The Fujitsu General Group considers the “Promotion of Education for the Next Generation” and “Promotion of community coexistence” to be key issues for community involvement. We wish to convey the excitement of product creation and manufacturing to children who will lead the next generation, and nurture human resources who will be involved in manufacturing in the future. In addition, by holding various events for local residents, we aim to play a role in the development of local communities.

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Key initiatives

Promotion of Education for the Next Generation

As a manufacturer, Fujitsu General Group conveys the joy of manufacturing and develops human resources who will lead the future of manufacturing.

- Delivery of on-site lecture

- Acceptance of high school students for work experience

- Vocational training

- Support for swimming lessons at nearby elementary schools

- Implementation of environmental education

Promotion of Coexistence with Local Communities

Fujitsu General Group is promoting coexistence with local communities through exchanges.

- Communication with Local Communities

- Conservation and release of Tanakia lanceolata (slender bitterling)

- Organizing factory tours

Welfare and Support

Fujitsu General proactively provides welfare services and support to assist people in difficult situations.

- Donations and volunteer activities via Sporting Chance Cancer Foundation, a charitable organization that supports hospitals for pediatric cancer patients

- Sponsorship of New Zealand's largest charity event, Special Children's Christmas Parties, and support for two patient support groups

- Volunteer participation in the COVID-19 PCR testing site

- Environmental protection walking activities

- Humanitarian assistance activities

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