Outdoor units lineup

      208 / 230V 3-phase
6 Ton(s) AOU72RLAVL
8 Ton(s) AOU96RLAVL
10 Ton(s) AOU120RLAVL


Slim & Compact Design

The compact and slim design of the J-lllL series makes them ideal for low rise / urban building designs with limited installation space.

Small Room Application

Up to 30 units* can be connected

The combination of the smallest but adequate capacity indoor unit and a new outdoor unit with the optimum heat exchanger structure has realized the Industry's top class connection of 30 units.

Max. connectable Indoor Unit

10Ton : 30units

8Ton : 24units

6Ton : 18units

High Static Pressure

External static pressure is available up to 0.24in. W.G (60Pa).

Installation Flexibility

Long Piping Length

Our advanced refrigerant control technology allows us to achieve a total refrigerant piping length of 1,312ft. (400m). This opens up new possibilities in system design.

Total Piping Length : Max. 1,312 ft.(400m)