Wall Mounted iMax CGTA ASMG18CGTA

Indoor unit, Remote controller, Outdoor unit

R32 10 Years Warranty RANK : 5★★★
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  • Human sensor’s coverage
  • Air conditioner filter features

Feature Icons

Human sensor (Energy Saving): The air conditioner switches to operate on reduced power when it detects no human movement in the room. Vertical swing louver: The louver automatically swings up and down. Economy mode: A thermostat setting is adjusted automatically according to the room temperature to avoid unnecessary cooling or heating. Filter sign: Indicates when the filter should be cleaned. Powerful mode: The air conditioner operates at the maximum airflow level and compressor speed to cool or warm the room quickly. Low noise mode: Reduces the noise level of an outdoor unit. Automatic double swings: Activates complex swing action of the louver in both horizontal and vertical directions. Automatic fan speed: Microprocessor automatically adjusts the fan speed and airflow according to changes in room temperature. Sleep timer: Gradually changes the room temperature to maintain a comfortable sleeping environment. Weekly timer: Sets different On/Off times for each day of the week. Ion deodorization filter: Deodorizes the air by decomposing absorbed odors using the oxidizing and odor-reducing effects of ions generated by ultra-fine-particle ceramic. Apple-catechin filter: The Apple-catechin filter uses static electricity to remove fine particles and dust in the air.


Cooling   5.2 kW

RANK : 5★★★


Power source Phase Single-phase
Voltage 220 V
Frequency 50 Hz
EGAT Capacity Cooling 18395 (3500 - 22100) BTU/h
SEER 24.02 BTU/h
Rank 5★★★
Capacity Cooling 5.2 (1.0 - 6.5) kW
Input Power Cooling 1.340 kW
EER Cooling 3.88 W/W
Starting Current 6.3 A
Max. Operating Current Cooling 9.5 A
Moisture Removal 1.3 l/h
Sound Pressure Level*2 Indoor (Cooling) High 46 dB(A)
Middle 41 dB(A)
Low 35 dB(A)
Quiet 29 dB(A)
Sound Pressure Level*2 Outdoor (Cooling) High 47 dB(A)
Air Flow Rate Indoor (Cooling) High 1020 m³/h
Outdoor (Cooling) High 2330 m³/h
Net Dimensions
Height 280 mm
Width 980 mm
Depth 240 mm
Net Dimensions
Height 716 mm
Width 820 mm
Depth 315 mm
Net Weight Indoor 12.5 kg
Outdoor 41 kg
Connection Pipe Diameter Liquid φ6.35 mm
Gas φ12.7 mm
Drain Hose Diameter φ13.8(I.D.), φ15.8 to φ16.7(O.D.) mm
Max Pipe Length (Pre Charge) 30 (15.0) m
Max Height Difference 25 m
Operation Range Cooling 18 to 46 °CDB
Refrigerant Type R32
Charge 1320 g
The noise value is the value when measured in an anechoic room. When measured in the actual installed state,surrounding noise and reflections are received and the measured value is usually larger than the indicated value.