Split Systems Cassette 4-way Flow Series


High efficiency turbo fan with a 3-dimensional blade

Previous turbo fan:
Uneven air passes through the heat exchanger, and the air flows close to the ceiling.
New turbo fan:
The newly designed 3-dimensional blade increases the amount of air that passes through the heat exchanger and improves the efficiency of airflow distribution.

Improved airflow distribution

Louver: The curved louver distributes air evenly when it leaves the space between the chassis and the ceiling to enable airflow to be distributed farther and more widely.

Wider airflow distribution minimizes uneven temperature distribution in the room.

Low noise mode of outdoor unit (45/54 types)

High lift drain pump

Post-installation adjustment of hanger position

The hanging bracket can be inspected by removing the corner cover, which makes it easy to adjust the hanging position.

Low ambient operation