Compact cassette AUAG09LVLA

Indoor Unit

Indoor Unit :

Feature Icons

Economy mode: A thermostat setting is adjusted automatically according to the room temperature to avoid unnecessary cooling or heating. 10ºC heating operation: The room temperature can be set to not go below 10°C so that the room will not become too cold when unoccupied. Auto changeover: The unit automatically switches between heating and cooling operations based on the set temperature and room temperature. Vertical swing louver: The louver automatically swings up and down. Automatic fan speed: Microprocessor automatically adjusts the fan speed and airflow according to changes in room temperature. Auto restart: The unit automatically restarts in the previous operation mode when power returns after an outage. Sleep timer: Gradually changes the room temperature to maintain a comfortable sleeping environment. Program timer: Sets the time for 1 of the following 4 options: On, Off, from On to Off, and from Off to On Filter sign: Indicates when the filter should be cleaned.


Connectable fresh air duct: Takes in outside air by attaching a supplied duct to the fresh air knockout and an optional part. Fresh air intake: Fresh air can be taken in from outside by a fan connected to an external control unit. Weekly & Temperature setback timer: Sets temperature for two sets of On/Off times and for each day of the week.


kW Class 2.5 kW
Power source Phase Single-phase
Voltage ~ 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Sound Pressure Level*2
Cooling 33 / 31 / 29 / 27 dB(A)
Heating 34 / 32 / 29 / 27 dB(A)
Air Flow Rate
Cooling 540 / 490 / 440 / 390 m³/h
Heating 540 / 490 / 440 / 390 m³/h
Net Dimensions Height 245 mm
Width 570 mm
Depth 570 mm
Net Weight 15 kg
33.1 lbs
Connection Pipe Diameter Liquid 6.35 mm
Gas 9.52 mm
Cassette Grille UTG-UFYD-W

Optional Parts

Wired Remote Controller
Simple Remote Controller
Fresh Air Intake Kit
Air Outlet Shutter Plate
Insulation Kit for High Humidity
external connect kits