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High Efficiency & Compact

All DC Inverter Technology

DC twin rotary compressor

The high efficiency DC inverter type "2-cylinder rotary compressor" is used for our product ranges. It has achieved higher energy efficiency compared with similar compressors by optimizing the structure inside the compressor.

DC fan motor

DC fan motor produces high power, wide operation range, and high efficiency.

Photo of DC fan motor.

Sine-wave DC inverter control

High efficiency operation is realized by using a sine wave DC inverter control.

Wide high efficiency range DC twin rotary compressor.
Wide high efficiency range ! High efficiency impacts on seasonal efficiency.

Compact outdoor unit

Installation example of the outdoor unit.

Energy Saving Control

Economy operation

Economy operation is energy saving, as the set temperature of indoor unit is shifted by 1°C and the maximum electric value of the outdoor unit is suppressed.

Economy comparison diagram of Economy operation and Normal operation.

Comfort Performance

Quick Comfort

Powerful operation

Continuous operation by maximum airflow and maximum compressor speed after a certain period of time allows the temperature to reach the setting temp. quickly.

Temperature transition graph comparing the “Normal mode” and“Powerful operation mode”

10°C Heat operation

When you leave, minimum heating operation is performed to maintain the room temperature. (Maintained at 10°C)

10°C Heat operation - Temperature transition graph.

Quiet and Comfort Control

Outdoor unit low noise operation

Users can choose low noise levels, depending on the installation environment.
The operation time can be set using the timer.

Illustration of “Outdoor unit low noise operation”.

Auto changeover function

At Auto setting, the cooling / heating mode is automatically switched according to the set temperature and room temperature.

Illustration of “Auto changeover function”.

Easy-To-Use Control

Fujitsu General provides various easy-to-use Controllers

Fujitsu General is using ergonomics to expand the use of easy-to-use designs such as easy-to-read large LCD panels, easy-to-operate buttons, and displays with easily recognizable icons.

The individual controllers match the user operational environments, and the home controller makes batch energy saving management easy. Ease of use was pursued using simple operation buttons, a large LCD screen, and other features.

Photo of Home central controlPhoto of Simple individual control


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