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Ku-Band Transmitter (External Reference Type)

Ku-Band Transmitter -photo


  • Small Size and Low Power Consumption
  • Very Low Phase Noise
  • Very Low Spurious
  • Complete Electromagnetic Shield
  • Complete Weather Protection
  • * 3W model is under development.

Model No. RH-303CB1G RH-301CC1G
Input Frequency from 950 to 1,450MHz
Lo. Frequency 13.05GHz
Output Frequency from 14.0 to 14.5GHz
Output Power(P1dB)* 1W 2W

* P1dB : 1dB Gain Compression Point

Specifications (+23°C)

Model No. RH-303CB1G RH-301CC1G
Input Connector Type N Female (50-ohm)
Output Connector WR-75 grooved waveguide flange
Output Power (P1dB) 30dBm min. 33dBm min.
Output Power (Psat) 30.3dBm min. 33.3dBm min.
Gain 53dB typ.
Phase Noise (SSB) minus30dBc/Hz max. @10Hz offset
minus60dBc/Hz max. @100Hz offset
minus70dBc/Hz max. @1kHz offset
minus80dBc/Hz max. @10kHz offset
minus90dBc/Hz max. @100kHz offset
minus90dBc/Hz max. @1MkHz offset
Input Return loss 9.5dB min.
Output Return loss 9.0dB min.
DC input voltage 14.5-24VDC
Power Consumption 26W max.
Operational Temperature from minus40 to plus55°C
Dimensions 176 (D) × 124 (W) × 52 (H) mm
Weight 1.6kg max.

External 10MHz frequency reference

Model No. RH-303CB1G RH-301CC1G
Frequency 10MHz
Reference Level from minus5 to plus5dBm
Recommended Phase Noise minus105dBc/Hz @10Hz offset
minus135dBc/Hz @100Hz offset
minus140dBc/Hz @1kHz offset
minus150dBc/Hz @10kHz offset
minus150dBc/Hz @100kHz offset


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