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February 28, 2017
Fujitsu General Limited

Expanding air conditioner operation application "FGLair™" to overseas market
Accelerating IoT application with venture company in North America

Our company developed the application software "FGLair" which can operate our air conditioners anytime and anywhere jointly with Ayla Networks Corporation (hereinafter "Ayla") headquartered in Silicon Valley, U.S.A.
As the first step, we will introduce home-use air conditioners equipped with wireless LAN function which can use "FGLair" to each market of North America, China and Australia from February to March this year.
In the future, we will introduce it sequentially to other overseas markets and at the same time, accelerate IoT applicaton by adding optional items connectable to conventional models.

By connecting to the cloud platform provided by Ayla, "FGLair" can perform basic operations such as power on/off of air conditioner, room temperature setting, air conditioning switching, room temperature display from smartphone or tablet.
In addition, it adopted functions such as "error notification" to notify the air conditioner failure and timer setting for two seasons in summer and winter by "weekly timer". Also, up to 24 indoor units which can be operated with "FGLair" can be registered and the air conditioner operation at multiple points such as home or office can be easily made.
In the future, in order to expand the fields which can utilize IT technology, we will aim to create new services and functions such as proposing repairs in advance by dealers by analyzing operation data of air conditioners and predicting the breakdown of parts.


By using "FGLair", the condition of air conditioning in each room registered can be checked.

The air conditioner in each room can be operated anytime and anywhere with "FGLair".

* "FGLair" is the trademark of Fujitsu General Limited.

* Company names and product names described in this press release are the trademarks
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Outline of Ayla Networks Corporation

Ayla Networks Corporation is a startup company established 7 years ago and based in Silicon Valley which provides platform for connecting various devices of residence and office to the network with end-end. The network is formed centered on its own platform "Ayla Paas" and any kind of things can be connected and controlled on the Internet.
In addition to its headquarters in Silicon Valley, the company is extending the services all over the world opening offices in Europe, China, Japan, etc.


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